What Are The Low Dead Of QD Syringes Online?

Syringes Online

There is a new syringe design in the market to control the dose better; these are known as QD Syringe. The patented design of the QD Syringe includes several innovative concepts that also help make it one of the most versatile low dead space syringes. Since, the Quick Draw Syringe or the QD Syringe is a revolutionary product; this consists of a patented cone tip. Syringes Online are as ready to use as to draw down needle.

Since the design of the basic traditional syringe hasn’t been updated in decades, therefore, we are introducing to you the QD Syringe. The QD Syringe does not need a detachable draw needle to draw fluid inside of its barrel. These have an integrated poly-carbonate tip to accomplish various task. The famous low dead space syringe has the sharpest needles of any injection syringe available.

Low Dead Of QD Syringes

  • Unique bilateral fluid flow channels for easy draw and delivery of viscous liquids
  • The QD Syringe is compatible with existing Luer Lock Hubs
  • QD Syringe has a low dead space mating needle Hub available for up to 20 needle gauge sizes
  • It is the only syringe that is able to draw fluid into itself.

QD Syringes are the next generation of basic disposable plastic syringes with detachable injection hubs with needles. It works great when it comes to eliminating time, needle dulling, hazardous waste and additional inventory.  The Syringes Online is patented eco-friendly product which is unique  and fully functional out of its package. It is much safer and easier for medical professionals to use and a low dead space syringe that tremendously reduces medication waste and residual volume.

The appropriate steel needle gauge and length is attached over the tip and a virtually painless injection is given. The painless injection is accomplished by not using the sharp steel needle to draw up medications; it dulls the tip prior to giving the patient injection. The QD Syringe gives push injections and it is also compatible with a majority of pre-slit injection receptacles such as the BD Q-Syte.