What Is The Use Of Walkers With A Seat?

The elderly people are very delicate just like babies and they need a lot of care. With aging also comes a myriad of things that are unfortunately not that good. The discs between our vertebrae lose fluid causing our spine to shorten, the arches of our feet flatten, and as we age we lose muscle mass causing poor posture and therefore, the elderly are often shorter.

Walkers with a seat are exactly like regular rollators, just made for smaller users. Typically their seat height and weight capacity are lower. With aging, one also has to deal with the increased instability and poor balance which is where a good quality rollator walker provides you with independence, balance and support. It also avails you the ability to be able to get around and be independent without relying on family or friends for help.

Various Types of Walkers:

Value Line Junior Rollator: At only $109 (at the time of this writing) our least expensive petite rollator is also the best value. It may not have many bells or whistles but it’s easily maneuverable, stable and comfortable. It also folds for storage and comes with a basket for personal items.

Ultra Lightweight Hemi Rollator: It comes in either Titanium or Royal Blue and has a 300 pound weight capacity. This hemi rollator comes with a comfy, cushioned flip-up seat. It’s easily foldable for storage and includes a walker basket.

Clever-Lite Walker: The Clever-Lite offers front wheels which can be locked into a fixed position or set to swivel, depending on the user’s preference. It folds easily for storage, has a flip-up seat, and also features a 300 pound weight capacity.

Junior Rollite Rollator: The popular rollite rollator walkers with a seat avails a flip-up seat, easy folding, and a 300 pound weight capacity. It’s available in different colors as well.