What Makes Intermittent Catheters So Helpful?

Intermittent Catheters

Intermittent CathetersIntermittent self-catheterisation can be used in cases of incomplete bladder emptying. Patients having urinary incontinence, difficulty voiding and recurrent urinary tract infections use the Intermittent Catheters. Provided that a significant residual volume of urine is found on abdominal examination, ultrasound, x-ray or catheterization, both groups of patients may be helped by these catheters.

From Indwelling To Intermittent Catheters:

Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC) was available earlier but in a smaller scale but CIC took because of the hydrophilic and slippery coating. Instead of getting a catheter that resides in the bladder and is connected to a bag, the users catheterize themselves with disposable catheters as many times a day as they normally would have gone to the toilet. The coating machine was designed to fit intermittent catheters and in 1983 the first hydrophilic catheter left the production site.

The time and the facilities changed a lot according to the developments. We changed a lot during the building of the machine, but it took only a year to go from the first coating trials on intermittent catheters in the laboratory to launch product. When the differences between the brands become smaller, the service level and peripheral equipment become more important. With this aim, we only offer the best products to all our clients.

We are considered as the best provider, it is so because we deliver a complete solution of medical supplies. With an outstanding level of customer service, we provide you Intermittent Catheters for all the people with various issues regarding defecating or urinary problems. We even offer phone consultation if needed.

The symptoms of any urinary incontinence are closely associated with a high residual volume of urine owing to a neuropathic bladder. Since, intermittent self catheterization is a safe and simple technique; it is easy for the patients to carry. It is always recommended to patients for a trial of intermittent self catheterization before continuing with the process.